The City of Livingston and Park County have much to offer in relocating or expanding a business. A progressive network of local, state, and federal resources can quickly respond to your business needs.

Park County real estate prices are highly competitive in the region. A wide array of properties including buildings and vacant land exist that will accommodate all types of business, including commercial, industrial, and retail. Let us know your business needs and we can find you a selection of suitable properties.

The City of Livingston/Park County GIS Department’s Interactive Map Site  provides access to up-to-date data to assist you in your expansion, including socioeconomic, land use, and infrastructure. This includes a Livingston Zoning Map, Livingston Water and Sewer Infrastructure Map, Park County Zoning Map, and Park County Road Map.

The Montana Site Selector is a powerful tool to assist you in finding a location for your business or industry in Montana. There are many tools available in this geo-based site for you to analyze potential sites and locations in relation to a wide variety of data sets, allowing you to select from an array of layers.

Prospera’s Business Relocation & Resource Guide provides information that will help familiarize yourself with Park County and assist you in relocating your business.