About Emigrant & Pray

South of Livingston and tucked in the spectacular Paradise Valley, the communities of Emigrant and Pray offer an alternative to the city but a strong sense of connection to friends and neighbors. The communities are near the Yellowstone River, making them a hub for fishing and rafting. The Absaroka and Gallatin Mountains soar over the valley, so aptly named.

Home to many large ranches, Paradise Valley is also a desirable setting for rural living. This area is home to Chico Hot Springs Resort, which is renowned for its fine dining and lodging and its natural hot springs pools.

Key Industry / Major Employer

Working ranches have historically been an important economic industry in Paradise Valley, and continue to play that role in modern times.

A handful of small businesses located along the Highway 89 corridor in Emigrant, serve both locals and tourists on their way to Yellowstone National Park.

World-renowned Chico Hot Springs, one of Park County’s largest employers, grows in popularity every year and is often at 100% occupancy.

At A Glance Profile

  • Around 300 people live in the community of Emigrant
  • Around 600 people live in the Pray area
  • 57% of the workforce commutes at least 30 minutes to work
  • Chico is one of the top three employers in Park County


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